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Herbert Döring-Spengler

Diazetta + Polaroid - April 27 up to July 8, 2017


Thursday, April 27th 2017, 7 – 10 pm

in the context of the mutual opening of Cologne's galleries at art Cologne.


The opening will include a talk by Dr. Gabriele Uelsberg,director of the LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn.


Exhibition open until July 8th, 2017

Attention: business hours have changed:

April 28th – June 3rd:

each Tuesday + Wednesday 4 – 7 pm, Thursday + Friday 3 – 7 pm, Saturday 11 am – 4 pm

June 4th – July 8th after prior arrangements



For many years and through his work, the photo artist Döring-Spengler has dealt with the topic of the human being and its interaction with the world and society. In his latest work, photography is an artistic tool which is constantly altered through overlapping and editing with different techniques in order to create artistic-picturesque statements. These latest developments are implemented in the so-called Diazetten. This technique creates collages of pictures through overlapping, which also reflect on certain situations and historic-political events. Those Diazetten are confronted by the artists well-known Polaroid-works, in which Döring-Spengler alters the uniqueness of both the Polaroids themselves and artistic composition. Döring-Spengler creates images of humans in situations which are taken out of the documentation's context and brought into a timeless quality.


In those Diazetta-motifs, one witnesses Herbert Döring-Spengler as a politically-thinking artist focused on everyday life who expresses opinions on various events of the late world history in his works. Be it the successful choice of a “loudspeaker“ in the United States or the Brexit with its consequences on the stock-market which eventually entails consequences for the people. The Diazetten are created through similar structures in overlapping and editing we know from his Polaroid-works and show a world in the same way as we are confronted by it, in which everything is connected, everything is overlapped by everything and therefore creates a diversity and polychromatism which might exacerbate one's vista.


The in focus gallery lays the focus of this exhibition on Herbert Döring-Spengler's new works, the Diazetta-series. In addition, chosen pieces of his Polaroid works of the last 30 years will be shown.